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‘Gallery’ is the first item on the main, lower toolbar of this Website. It is intended for viewers to gain an initial visual impression of Rowlands Castle – its surrounding countryside, buildings, community – and for new viewers in particular, to riffle more quickly through local topics. We hope you will enjoy it, and it will stimulate you to ‘read on’.

Within ‘Gallery’, the sections include Collagesas an ‘introduction’; Take a Walk – a slider sequence taking you to sites up the Valley; Aerial Photos showing our predominantly green setting in its wider context; Calendars for years 2014 – 2020 reflecting the best of what residents have wanted to record ; Snapshot 1991of photos taken thirty years ago, and providing an insight into changes; and finally, miscellaneous Other Photographs offered by residents.

The Contents of ‘Gallery’ can be accessed through the ‘drop down menu’, or follow the hyperlinks above.

(Editorial: This revised ‘Gallery’ was first entered onto the Website in June 2020)