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Havant Thicket Reservoir

In August 2014 Portsmouth Water published its Final Water Resources Management Plan. While the reservoir is not included in the current plan, it remains a feasible option for the future. The Company Plan is under regular review and a number of factors could change which would trigger the need for the reservoir. As a result the timescale for the reservoir remains uncertain, but the reservoir option could be brought forward at any time.

Portsmouth Water will continue to work with the Water Resources in the South East Group (which comprises the Environment Agency and all water companies in the SE) to promote the benefits of the

Havant Thicket Reservoir as a potential new regional water resource and green infrastructure site. The Company believe that the reservoir remains a key part of a potential solution to water resource demand

issues in the south east, especially as the water used to fill the reservoir would be supplied from an existing sustainable source (Havant and Bedhampton Springs), which already complies with the Habitat Regulation requirements. The reservoir is also seen by the Company as an important future resource for addressing resilience issues in the short to medium term.


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