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Timeline for Rowlands Castle

Rowlands Castle Timeline by Paul Marshman

Mesolithic 6000 BC – 3000 BC

Flint sites at Dean Lane End, the Horse Pasture and the Wakefords area

Neolithic 3000 BC – 1800 BC

Site at Finchdean, finds at Wakefords Copse

Bronze Age 2000 BC – 600 BC

Burial site at Woodcroft: sites at Chalton Down and Huckswood Lane. Finds at Wakefords Copse

Iron Age 600 BC – 42 AD

Field system at Charlton. Finds at Huckswood Lane

Roman 43 AD – 410 AD

Villas, pottery finds and traces of roads

Saxon 410 AD – 1066 AD

Kilns and burial sites, traces of village at Old Idsworth. Site at Chalton

935      King Athleston [925- 940] claims land at Leigh Park

1015    Athleston son of Ethelred II, mentions the estate at Chalton in his will

1053    Date of the chapel of St Peter at Old Idsworth later St Hubert’s built maybe by Earl Godwin father of King Harold

Norman 1066 – 1545 (1540 is sometimes referred to as Medieval Times) Earthworks, castles and pottery

1094    Death of Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury.  He would have built and owned the castle in the Village

1102    Robert de Belesme is imprisoned. He owned vast tracts of land in the area before his failed revolt against Henry I. At about this time Robert Beaumont, Earl of Leicester, probably built the other castle at Motley Copse

1114    Henry I visits Westbourne

1156    Henry II visits castle in the Village

1177    Henry II stays at Stansted

1181    Records suggest a house at Stansted

1194    King John visits Stansted

1236    Place called Lye (Leigh Park) mentioned in the Winchester Pipe Rolls

1316 – 1419 John Romyn and family hold Idsworth probably in 1316 under the Earl of Arundel.

1320    A manuscript, Harlem 6602 mentions Rolokescastel.

1327 – 1579 Fitzalans at Stansted

1327    Date of Stansted Chapel

1369    Mention of Rowlandes Castel

1381    Mention of Roulakescastel

1397    People of Idsworth and Finchdean petition Canterbury to provide a chaplain at St Peter’s (now St Hubert’s)

1420 – 1667 The Bannister (Banester) family at Idsworth

1480    Improvements at Stansted

1528    john Byrom is pardoned for alleged crime at Rowlands Castle in Warblington.

1579 – 1766 The Lumleys are at Stansted

1581    Elizabeth I stays at Stansted.

1643    Date of a thatched cottage at Finchdean

1644    Stansted House suffers damage in civil war

1651    Charles II meets Colonel Gunter in Stansted Forest, who helps him to escape

1662 – 1689 Hearth Tax returns. Leigh Park, Idsworth and Wellsworth get an entry

1667 – 1789 Dormer family at Idsworth. There is little difference here from earlier Bannister family as they intermarried

1686    Probably first time there is a mansion worthy of name at Stansted

1724    Daniel Defoe visits Stansted

1731    The Sheriff of Havant complains about gypsies at Rowlands Castle

1766 – 1781    Earl Halifax at Stansted. He built Racton Tower (now a ruin)

1767                Large house (mansion) at Leigh Park for sure

1781 – 1804    Barwell at Stansted

1789 – 1974    Clarke-Jervoise family at Idsworth [old and new sites)

1772                Samuel Harrison lived at Leigh Park

1792 – 1800    Thomas Frederick at Leigh Park

1798                First Chapel on The Green

1800 – 1819    William Garrett enlarged Leigh Park House

1804 – 1826    Lewis Way at Stansted House

1819 – 1859    George Staunton at Leigh Park (the old mansion)

1826 – 1855    Dixon at Stansted House

1830                Finchdean Chapel

1836 – 1874    A school at Dean Lane End

1853                Railway and station built opened in 1858

1857                St John’s Church built [originally at Redhill]

1848                School at Redhill

1850                New mansion at Idsworth for Clarke-Jervoise family

1853                Old mansion at Old Idsworth pulled down

1855 – 1848    School at Idsworth

1855 – 1912    Wilders at Stansted

1861 – 1974    William Stone at Leigh Park, builds new mansion.

1874 – 1940    Fitzwygram family at Leigh Park

1881                Chapel-on-the-Green opened

1894                Idsworth Park Council formed

1898    School – the Institute of Science, Technology and Art opened (now the small Parish Hall)

1900    Stansted House destroyed by fire

1902    Rowlands Castle Golf Club begins

1903    Present house at Stansted built

1914    Parish Hall opens

1924    Playing field /the Recreation Ground opens

1926 – 2002    Church Hall at St John’s erected

1932    Rowlands Castle Parish Council formed

1939 – 1945 Batterson Boys School residence in Parish Hall and village

1944    The Kings Stone erected (military parade before King George VI)

1959    Leigh Park House demolished after WWII

1974    New St John’s school built

(Editor: the above list represents the topics that Paul Marshman – one of the Village’s ‘Local Historians’ – chose to study during his life time living in Rowlands Castle. See also reference to Paul: