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Names of Oral History Interviewees

Audio Interviewees List

1. Mrs Martin and Mrs Miles 2. Kathleen Edmonds 3. Miss Dorothy Sweetman4. Vera Cooper
5. Pearl House (nee Pierpoint)6. Heather Withers (nee Webb)7. Jennifer Bussell8. Mr and Mrs Roly Griffiths
9. Bill West10. John Rowe11. Ted Redsull (2 tapes)12. Robin Hall
13. Pat Carter14. Liz Priston15. Paul Marshman16. Margaret Newnham(nee Jenkins)
17. Maureen Vicary18. Robert Winnicot19. Graham Griffiths 20. Robert Farr
21, 22 Vera Newland 23. Dr Derek Ashworth24. Gwen Prior25. Doris Hearn
26. Ray Trevis27. Kath Molloy (nee Rook)28. Jean Pearce29. Marjorie Neate
30. Martin Cuthbert31. Mary Jane Lomer