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RCHC is continuing to look for a permanent home, not only to display the iconic railway model, but other artefacts, posters and pictures it has accumulated over the past few years. Given the current situation, these plans are under constant review.

1. The RCHC Website has recently been revised and extended by three new articles:

i. The 75th VE Day Commemoration, of 8th May 2020.

In the event, due to the Corvid19 Pandemic, this became only a modest event: Raising the Flag and sounding ‘The Last Post’. A small number of residents attended but spread themselves thinly across The Green to maintain ‘social distancing’, as required.

RCHC has also initiated Commemoration on its website by inviting residents to record their personal recollections of the War, or provide information – photos, medals, records or maps – showing how and in what way a near relative was involved, and how this affected the family. While only a small number of residents have so far responded, it is intended to add to the website as further recollections become available. The article also includes information about two fighter pilots who crashed on the Stansted Estate.

ii. Snapshot 1991, part of the ‘Gallery’ toolbar topic, shows a series of photos taken by Margaret Bougourd in 1991. Although taken thirty years ago, the photos have been scanned and interpreted and cover a wide range of activities about both environment and community & people of that time. It is also intended to interpret the photos to the Census results for that year.

iii. Aerial Photos of Village and Valley taken form a low flying drone by Kelvin Schaffli who is also current editor of the RCA Magazine. The series of eighteen photos provide a context for the Village and the Lavant valley, lying between The South Downs and The Solent.

(Please click on green headings to view the articles)

2. RCHC Model Railway    (The Village in 1944)

Our model railway will no longer be on display at Stansted House this year, 2020. The House is closed to the public due to the coronavirus lock-down. Moreover, RCHC has been advised that the fine room in which the model had been displayed during the past three years, will no longer be available. A historic collection of Ponsonby Family (The Earls of Bessborough) memorabilia has been donated and the room is being refurbished. RCHC is grateful to the Stansted park Foundation for the opportunity to display the model in Stansted House for the past three years. We also appreciate the band of attendants who attended the model – two each day – and for Tod Sloan and Fred Smith who have serviced the trains and rolling stock.

3. RCHC website now held by the British Library in its ‘UK Web Archive’ 

In order to protect the RCHC Website for the longer term, the Website has been lodged with the UK Web Archive, part of the British Library. This means that the website will also be held independently and updated on a regular half-yearly basis, which, in addition to the standard security systems that we have installed, will help guard against system failure or external interference.

(Editorial: this issue of the RCHC Website ‘News’ was updated in June 2020)