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This series of articles offers an insight into the lives and achievements of local residents and sometimes their extended families. Some of the families have owned one of the three large estates – Clark-Jervoise at Idsworth, Bessborough at Stansted and Fitzwygram at Staunton, and built or rebuilt the main houses and rearranged the grounds.

Other articles provide examples of the lives of lesser well-known residents, some of whom were born in the village, or moved here early on.

Included in this section, is the audio archive created by Sonya Teale. Sonya has interviewed twenty-nine local residents. They yield interesting information about the residents’ childhood, family recollections, education, employment on the large estates or with local companies, and during the times of World War II. The audio archive has also been lodged with the County Archives Service.

In due course, it is proposed to study the works of local painters, as they provide memories of earlier times, before the advent of the camera.

It is intended that Census data will also be made available.

Census Return