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Registered Charity: 1174495

Current Activities, Membership & Organisation

The display by a team of some 30 attendants of the iconic model railway at Stansted House has been a focus of our activities. In parallel, a website has been developed to publicise our activities, and subsequently to become a ‘virtual museum’.

Formally, only the eleven trustees of the registered charity can be its members. The purpose of the Heritage Centre, however, is to serve the whole of the local community with the mission of protecting, recording and preparing for the future of the heritage of Rowlands Castle – its countryside and its community.

We have also been seeking a ‘home’ for the museum with one option under consideration being to lease the unused offices in the local Railway Station. This would reinforce our mission by creating a ‘Community Hub’.

Over the last three years, a series of communications have been delivered via our website, articles in the RCA magazine, and at a series of public meetings including a stall at the Village Fairs. Volunteers have come forward for the charitable trust, for the management working group, and for attendants to interpreting the model railway. Volunteers have offered many articles, photographs and archive material for the website, including undertaking historical and geographical researches.

The model railway and can be viewed during the open season at Stansted House (from /Easter to September), and is well described on our website;

Recent History.

Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre (RCHC) came into being in 2016, in response to an offer to purchase an iconic model railway of the Village at the time of the D-Day Landings, 1944. The RCA provided an umbrella for initial discussions and formation of an informal group to initiate the project. It aimed at creating both a real and a ‘virtual’ museum, for the model railway and also for local archive material about Village. It successfully registered as a Charity in 2017, thus becoming a legal entity which allows us to lease or buy a building for a museum.

Residents who wish to learn more or volunteer about our activities or opportunities for involvement should contact one of the following:





Please see RCHC ‘Volunteering in Practice’ abut how you may take part:


The RCHC trust and working group are keen to develop relationships with other local museums and related organisations, including the South East Museum Development service and Hampshire County Archives. It values the opportunity to use the RCA Magazine and ‘Grapevine’ electronic mail service. Is keen to co-operate with the Village Historical Society as well as the Havant Spring Museum.

The website illustrates other key local organisations which have an influence over life in Rowlands Castle which are referred to under ‘Local Contacts’.

In the longer term, RCHC looks forward to providing a local interpretation centre for the South Downs National Park, Stansted House and Foundation, Staunton Country Park as well as the centre of the Village which is a designated ‘Conservation Area’.


RCHC welcomes the interest of all residents in historical and geographical matters concerning both our environment and the community. The website is intended as a window for viewing and understanding our activities and achievements potentially available in every household.

The model railway and can be viewed during the open season at Stansted House (from /Easter to September), and is well described on the website;


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