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Leigh Park House, Front Elevation Angela Fitzwygram, 1913

A gallery of the Oils and Watercolours of Joseph Francis Gilbert 1830-4
courtesy of Tim Speller, Staunton Country Park, can be seen here

Leigh Park House

The house was demolished in 1863 and rebuilt by William Stone but on a different site. The house was once in the Parish of North Havant, and the owners built a new road for their carriages to the right of the existing one which passed too close to the new house.

Sir George Staunton

Sir George Staunton was an expert on the country of China and bought Leigh Park House in 1827. He re-landscaped the gardens to remind himself of China. He was the MP for South Hants in 1832 and held the seat for Portsmouth until 1852.

It must have been down this road that Lord Nelson took his final journey from Uppark House to join his ship before the Battle of Trafalgar.

During the war the house was used by the Admiralty and many people who worked there were billeted in the village. Commander Buster Crab, scientist, lived in Durrants Road and worked for the Admiralty at the House. A mystery surrounded his death when diving in the Solent when a body said to be his was found by fishermen.

The house was demolished in 1959 and Leigh Park Housing Estate now surrounds the lower boundary and the northern area is bisected by Middle Park Way with The Staunton Country Park on the southern side.

This article is taken from the booklet written by Mary Jane Lomer entitled ‘Round and About Rowlands Castle’ 2015, for which she retains the copyright.