Sonya Teale’s Audio Interviews

It has been a humbling experience to learn of the quiet, courageous lives contributing to the village. I have greatly enjoyed making the recordings. It pleases me greatly that Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre is making a transcription of the tapes available for others to hear and read.

Press the play button to hear Sonya Teale’s recordings from the villagers. Where there is a “hamburger” icon in the right hand corner of the play bar then there is more than one recording to choose from. If transcripts are available then there is a link to the file shown by Transcript of interview

Mrs Martin, DOB 1924 and Mrs Miles, DOB 1915
Interview date: 20th January 2004

Mrs Kathleen Edmonds
Interview date: 11th February 2004

Miss Dorothy Sweetman
Interview date: 2nd April 2004.      Transcript of interview

Mrs Vera Cooper (née King)
Interview date: 19th August 2004.     
Transcript of interview

Mrs Pearl House (née Pierpoint), DOB 1926
Interview date: 7th September 2004

Mrs Heather Withers (née Webb), DOB 1928
Interview date: 5th October 2004

Mrs Jennifer Bussell (née Winnicott)
Interview date: 27th October 2004

Mr Roly Griffiths, DOB 1915
Interview date: 4th November 2004

Mr Bill West, DOB 1924
Interview date: 19th November 2004

Mr John Rowe, DOB 1923
Interview date: 24th November 2004

Mr Ted Redsull, DOB 1943
Interview date: 22nd February 2005

Mr Robin Hall, DOB 1940
Interview date: 25th April 2005

Mrs Pat Carter, DOB 1940
Interview date: 15th June 2005

Mrs Elizabeth Priston (née Bert), DOB 1941
Interview date: 6th August 2005

Mr Paul Marshman, DOB 1947
Interview date: 16th August 2005

Mrs Margaret Newnham (née Jenkins), DOB 1929
Interview date: 23rd March 2005

Mrs Maureen Vicary, DOB 1924
Interview date: 14th February 2006

Mr Robert Winnicott, DOB 1939
Interview date: 8th August 2006

Mr Graham Griffiths
Interview dates: 5th September 2006 and 31st August 2007

Mr Robert Farr
Interview date: 23rd January 2007

Mrs Vera Newland
Interview date: 23rd October 2007.
     Transcript of interview

Dr Derek Ashworth, DOB 1926
Interview date: 12th February 2008

Mrs Gwen Prior (née West), DOB 1925
Interview date: 10th June 2008.      Transcript of interview

Mrs Doris Hern
Interview date: 26th November 2008

Mr Ray Trevis, DOB 1930
Interview date: 8th April 2009

Mrs Kath Molloy (née Rook)
Interview date: 13th January 2010

Mrs Jean Pearce
Interview date: 23rd February 2010

Mrs Marjorie Neate (née Kimber)
Interview date: 4th July 2011

Mr Martin Cuthbert, DOB 1959
Interview date: 31st March 2015

Mrs Mary Jane Lomer, DOB 1937
Interview date: 30th January 2017

Editorial: First entered on to the Website in July 2021

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