Other celebratory events are commemorations, often held on the Village Green with the appropriate flag raising and lowering, such as for VE Day and VJ Day. The village has also joined in the celebrations of Royal Events such as Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilees.

Queen’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations

The Parish Council and the RCA produced a Souvenir Programme to mark Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

A copy of the Souvenir Programme for the Coronation of Her Majesty the Queen in 1953 suggested not only the idea of a Silver Jubilee Programme but also the theme. The central feature of that Souvenir was ‘A short history of the Parish of Rowlands Castle by F. O’B. Adams, village sub postmaster, 1936-60, now living in retirement in Liss Forest.

Looking upon Coronations and Jubilees as historical landmarks, this Souvenir adds to a revised reprint of the ‘Short History’, a word picture of Rowlands Castle in Jubilee year. On the occasion of future landmarks in history a copy of this Souvenir may be unearthed and someone may be sufficiently interested to bring the story up to date and again project it into the future.

Editorial: Published by a joint committee of the Parish Council and the Rowlands Castle Association. Cover design by Mr. Tom Levett

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