1. Rowlands Castle Historical Society

Rowlands Castle Historical Society has launched its programme for 2021- 2022. It starts with a talk on Tuesday 19th October on ”Roman Roads near Rowlands Castle” by Mark Seaman. The Programme comprises a series of meetings held on the third Tuesday of each month in the large Parish Hall. Further information can be obtained from

2. Proposals for a new reservoir

The proposals for a new reservoir in Havant Thicket, submitted by Portsmouth Water Company, have taken a step closer. They have received Planning permission from the two local authorities concerned – Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council.

The scheme will provide greater resilience for water supplies. It will also relieve pressure for extractions from Hampshire’s chalk streams. It is expected to cost £120 million and take nine years to complete – by 2029. More information is available on the Portsmouth Water Company’s Website             

Editorial: this issue of the RCHC Website ‘News’ was updated in August 2021

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