1. New video launched

An introductory Audio-Visual Presentation was launched at the RCHC AGM on 25th November. The project was undertaken by Charlie Shawcross and the Audio Visual was provided by Claude and Philip Trew. The AGM welcomed the video and thanked Charlie, Claude and Philip for their creation. The video can also be viewed on YouTube.                                                        

2. RCA Village and Valley magazine

Two articles about the Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre (RCHC) appear on pages 16 and 17 of the autumn 2021 issue of the RCA Magazine. The first is a report from the chairman, and the second is an update on the RCHC Website. The latter article is about the relaunch of the website in May 2021 and the four new projects proposed for its further development. Expressions of interest from residents are invited.

3. Proposals for a new reservoir

The proposals for a new reservoir in Havant Thicket, submitted by Portsmouth Water Company, have taken a step closer. They have received Planning permission from the two local authorities concerned – Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council.

The scheme will provide greater resilience for water supplies. It will also relieve pressure for extractions from Hampshire’s chalk streams. It is expected to cost £120 million and take nine years to complete – by 2029. More information is available on the Portsmouth Water Company’s Website             

Editorial: this issue of the RCHC Website ‘News’ was updated in November 2021

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