Sonya Teale’s Audio Interviews

List of Audio Interviewees

1. Mrs Martin and Mrs Miles 2. Mrs Kathleen Edmonds 3. Miss Dorothy Sweetman4. Mrs Vera Cooper
5. Mrs Pearl House
(neé Pierpoint)
6. Mrs Heather Withers
(neé Webb)
7. Mrs Jennifer Bussell
(neé Winnicott)
8. Mr Roly Griffiths
9. Mr Bill West10. Mr John Rowe11. Mr Ted Redsull12. Mr Robin Hall
13. Mrs Pat Carter14. Mrs Elizabeth Priston
(neé Bert)
15. Mr Paul Marshman16. Mrs Margaret Newnham
(neé Jenkins)
17. Mrs Maureen Vicary18. Mr Robert Winnicot19. Mr Graham Griffiths 20. Mr Robert Farr
21. Mrs Vera Newland 22. Dr Derek Ashworth23. Mrs Gwen Prior24. Mrs Doris Hern
25. Mr Ray Trevis26. Mrs Kath Molloy
(neé Rook)
27. Mrs Jean Pearce28. Mrs Marjorie Neate
(neé Kimber)
29. Mr Martin Cuthbert30. Mrs Mary Jane Lomer

1. Mrs Martin and Mrs Miles

Transcript of Mrs Martin and Mrs Miles

21, 22. Memories of Mrs Vera Newland’s childhood

These recordings of her childhood memories were made on 23rd October 2007 when Mrs Newland was 91. Mrs Newland lived in Rowlands Castle most of her life.

Part one describes Mrs Newland’s childhood and all her older relations, uncles and grandparents. Mrs Newland’s time at school and her father’s job in the brickworks are described in Part 2. In Part 3 Mrs Newland leaves school and starts work in service, including being in Southsea during a bombing raid. Mrs Newland is married in part 4 and has a honeymoon in the Meon Valley, not without its own excitement. Finally in part 5 Mrs Newland talks about her children, some war time memories and village events.

Editorial: First entered on to the Website in February 2020

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