Historically, in the UK, villages tended to be classified as such when a church was built. Traditionally, many villages developed as a form of community that was based around some form of amenity or trade. In Victorian times, Rowlands Castle had a thriving Brickworks which helped the village to grow. For more details of the Brickworks and other businesses past and present, please visit the Businesses page.

Some villages were built in a line such as along a railway line, road, river or coastline. Others, like Rowlands Castle were clustered around a central point, – the village green. This is referred to as a ‘nucleated settlement’.

You will find all the buildings that you would expect a village community to have, such as churches, a school and Parish Hall. We are also lucky to be linked to the Stansted Estate with its grand house. However, there are many more notable buildings in and around the village plus interesting memorials and icons.

Please use the links above to view details of the different types of buildings.  

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