Snapshot 1991

Margaret Bougourd

The photographs on the Built Environment and Social Environment pages were taken by local resident Margaret Bougourd during 1991. For that year, they provide a visual perspective the Village, its buildings, institutions, and people.

The Heritage Centre intends to supplement these photos with information gleaned from the National Census of 1991 as a way of monitoring the Village’s evolution and development.

General comments: the population has continued to grow, as has traffic. Shops continue to be rationalised, with larger shopping precincts developed nearby. Deliveries by vehicles have dropped, possibly with the emergence of supermarkets and, more recently by mail order.

The main commercial centre of the Village is now centred at the east end of The Green, with the Londis groceries, Winnicott’s Hardware stores – now hosting the Post Office – a gift shop, Bumblebee Café, Halls Garage, Vet, and Estate Agent. An old garage and two shops have now gone from Redhill Road.

Editorial : This article, courtesy of Margaret Bougourd, was first inserted on the website in June 2020

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