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Introduction – What is heritage?

A person can have a family heritage – objects, stories and traditions passed down from our parents and grandparents. We can feel our family heritage throughout our lives as we experience the things that make our family special.

A place can have a heritage – buildings, features, events and traditions which shape the kind of place we live in.  

On this page you will find activities and games to help you understand the heritage of your own family and the village of Rowlands Castle.

Family Tree

Download and print the Family Tree and fill in the names of your family. Cut out photos to decorate the tree. Ask your parents and grandparents about what life was like when they were a child. What jobs did they do? When did your family move to Rowlands Castle?

People often wonder if there really was a castle in Rowlands Castle. In fact Rowlands Castle was probably a Norman Motte and Bailey Castle. Find out about different  types of castle and  draw what you think it might have looked like. You could make a model. Who do you think Rowland was? Can you make up a story about him?

The Railway has always been important for Rowlands Castle. The line runs from London to Portsmouth. Find out how a steam train works by watching a video. Can you label the parts of a steam train on this diagram?


The Word Search contains some features of Rowlands Castle – can you find them all? 

Try the Rowlands Castle Quiz. Make up your own questions.

Every year the Bumblebee Café in Rowlands Castle decorates its windows ready for Christmas. Rilia Varandas has made us some colouring sheets.

Have you ever visited a castle? Colour in some castle pictures. (Reproduced courtesy of

Links to other Heritage websites with activities to keep you busy learning about history.

British Castle Colouring

Christmas Colouring – The Nutcracker-Bumblebee Café Windows 2022

Every year the Bumblebee Café in Rowlands Castle decorates its windows ready for Christmas. This year the theme was “The Nutcracker”. Download the three colouring sheets designed by Rilia Varandas, the artist who painted the windows by clicking each picture.

Find more of Rilia’s artwork on Instagram @rilia_artwork. To watch a cartoon version of the story of the Nutcracker, click here.

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