Introduction and Gallery

This short video was created in 2021 for the Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre. The project was undertaken by Charlie Shawcross and the Audio Visual was provided by Claude and Philip Trew. Using high-quality still and moving images along with an informative narrative, it provides the story and heritage of this vibrant community.

On 6th July 2022, BBC South Today’s “On the Map” segment featured Rowlands Castle. Residents describe why they love living in the village – and the D-day Model Railway takes pride of place!


‘Introduction and Gallery’ is shown as the first and most prominent topic on the Home Page. It is intended to provide a colourful initial impression of Rowlands Castle.

The short introductory video is about Rowlands Castle and the neighbouring areas. Using high-quality still and moving images along with an informative narrative,  it provides the story and heritage of this vibrant community. We hope that it will inspire people to learn more about Rowlands Castle by then exploring our website and visiting this remarkable place

The photographs encompass the local countryside, community, people, buildings and their history – a fifth dimension.  The photographs have been provided by local residents including members of the former Photography Group, and the editor of the local RCA Magazine. The paintings, with annotations, were by Charles Cotton, an artist from the 19th century who lived at the now demolished Stansted College, an alms house.

We hope the photographs will encourage you learn more about our community in its many facets. Please read on and enjoy!

Within ‘Introduction and Gallery’, the sections include ‘Take a Walk’, a slider sequence taking you for a stroll up the Valley; Collages, composite photos showing the various features of the area;  Paintings of Rowlands Castle by Charles Rogers Cotton who captured scenes in and around Rowlands Castle in the late 19th century; Aerial Photos looking down and showing our predominantly green and rural setting; Calendars for years 2014 – 2020 reflecting the best of what residents see around them; Residents’ Photographs offered by villagers, including some from a Village Fair competition in 2017; ‘Snapshot 1991’ of photos taken thirty years ago and finally Oral History Interviews by Sonya Teale, which in her words, has been a humbling experience to learn of quiet, courageous lives contributing to the village. Sonya greatly enjoyed making the recordings. It pleases Sonya greatly that the Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre is making a transcription of the tapes available for others to read.

The Contents of ‘Introduction and Gallery’ can be accessed directly from the tiles or via the hyperlinks.

Editorial: A presentation of early twentieth century post cards of Rowlands Castle can be viewed on the website of The Spring Museum, Havant

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