There have been many notable events in the village’s history, and these have been divided into categories:

Natural Events are those caused by nature, such as storms and flooding, or even pandemics such as Coronavirus and much further back, Spanish flu. If anyone has any recollection of natural events in the past that they would be willing to document, or any photos, please contact the Editor. In the course of time, the Coronavirus pandemic may also warrant recall of not just its tragic outcomes but also the compassion, generosity, social support and innovation it inspired within the village.

Social Events are described as either regular events, like the summer Village Fair and the RCA Firework Nights, or Special (one-off) events, such as the Queen’s Jubilees.

Regular Events are organised by the Village Fair Committee and the Rowlands Castle Association, whose members put a lot of work into arranging these events, but the reward is the enthusiastic participation of the residents of Rowlands Castle and the surrounding areas. You can see how much they are enjoyed in the event photos!

There are religious celebrations like the annual Christmas tree and for Christmas 2020, a life-sized nativity scene on the Green, which was particularly enjoyable for everyone on their daily walks during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Other celebratory events are Commemorations, often held on the Village Green with the appropriate flag raising and lowering for the Armistice, Armed Forces, VE and VJ Days, and one-off events such as the Queen’s Jubilees.

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