Community applies to residents who join the various local organisations, societies or clubs from which they enjoy the benefits of that organisation, but also have an overall beneficial effect on improving or strengthening local society as a whole.

The community identified here covers a range of organisations, both formal and informal. The first cluster recognises those organisations which apply across the whole community. Other organisations are of interest to particular sections of the community who belong to specific groups – ‘faiths’, ages, sporting interests or activities. They include the ‘Churches’, Women’s Institute, Local School, Scouts & Guides, Golf Club and other sports clubs, and Photography Group and Painting Society. Typically, all organisations will have their own ‘constitution’, arrangements to meet, management, and accounting procedures.

Village Wide

Those organisations which are open to the whole community include:

Particular Interests

Other organisations which relate to only part of the village population include:

These custodians have been invited to contribute their respective story and histories as part of this section of the website.

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